List of sandwich styles  Bacon butty - butty is UK slang for sandwich  Banh Mi - Vietnam  Barros Jarpa - Chile, melted cheese and fried ham  Barros Luco - Chile, melted cheese and thin fried beef  BLT - bacon, lettuce, and tomato  Boccadillo - Spain  Butterbrot - Germany, Graubrot (grey bread)  Caprese - mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil  Cheesesteak  Chip butty - Chips (french fries)  Choripn - Argentinia, Uruguay and Chile, grilled chorizo  Club sandwich - USA primarily, variety of fillings  Croque-monsieur - France, ham and cheese  Cuban sandwich - Cuba, ham and cheese  Cucumber sandwich - England afternoon tea classic  Dagwood sandwich - USA, distinguished by size more than contents  Eggwich - USA, Usually scrambled eggs on a bagel or bread,with optional cheese        and/or meat  Fluffernutter, New England variation on peanut butter and jelly  Grilled cheese  Gyros-pita or Souvlaki-Pita - Greek, meat in pita bread  Hamburger  Hero sandwich - USA, similar to sub  Hoagie - USA, similar to sub  Hot dog  Melt sandwich, Tuna melt, Patty melt, etc. - filling includes melted cheese  Monte Cristo sandwich - USA, based on fried bread  Muffuletta - New Orleans, based on Sicilian bread  Open sandwich or open-faced sandwich  Panini - Italy/USA, refers to type of bread  Pastrami on rye - Classic of the Jewish deli  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich  Po' boy (literally "poor boy") - USA/New Orleans, similar to sub  Reuben sandwich - USA, sauerkraut with swiss cheese and corned beef or pastrami  Sandwich loaf - looks like a cake  Sandwiches de miga - Argentina  Sloppy Joe - USA, based on ground beef and flavourings  Steamed Sandwich - USA/Kentucky  Submarine sandwich or sub  Tea sandwich - small sandwiches for afternoon tea  Toasted sandwich  Torta - Mexico
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